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Q: What security measures are in place?
A: The Estate is fenced with a security wall, supported with an electric fence and movement detection technology. The single entrance/ exit is manned 24 hours a day and the area is patrolled. Click here for more detail.

Q: When do I have to build by?
A: There is no restriction in this regard. However, once you have started with ground works, you must complete construction within a period of 12 months.

Q: Are there building guidelines?
A: Yes. Click here to download the Planning and Construction Handbook. For further information please contact the Estate Manager at 012 809 1502.

Q: May I use my own architect and builder?
A: Yes. The Board of Directors prefer that you should use professionally qualified architects, project managers and main contractors with experience building in the Estate. Please contact the Estate Manager for recommendations.

Q: How big must my house be?
A: The minimum floor extent of a single storey house is 200 m² and that of a double storey 180 m². The extent of the first floor of a double storey may not exceed 70% of the extent of the ground floor.

Q: How big are the stands?
A: The stands are not evenly sized and vary between 650 m² and 750 m².

Q: How big is the Estate?
A: The total extent of the Estate is ± 20 ha.

Q: Is there a school bus service in the area?
A: No. Certain schools in the area do have their own school bus service. These busses are allowed to pick up children in the Estate.

Q: Is the Clubhouse available to the public?
A: No. Only residents and owners may make use of the Clubhouse and the Estate’s recreational facilities.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Yes. Two dogs and two cats are allowed per household.

Q: I am an Estate Agent. How do I get accredited to do business in the Estate?
A: Only accredited agents are allowed to do their business in the Estate. Accreditation is done at Newmark’s office during normal working hours. Agents seeking accreditation must be in possession of an original ID book and a valid fidelity fund certificate. The Rules of Conduct applicable to Estate Agents will be explained and the agent will sign the HOA’s accreditation contract for Estate Agents. An Estate ID card will be issued at a cash price of R150.00. Click here to download the Estate Agent Application for Registration.